Honoring Mayor Pradel

The A. George and Patricia Pradel Safety Town of Naperville is devasted about the passing of Mayor Emeritus George Pradel (aka Officer Friendly).  Safety Town would not be here today without George’s unwavering vision and his wife Pat’s unwavering support.  We are grateful for the endless love and countless hours he poured into Safety Town and the entire city of Naperville year after year.  The legacy he has left is priceless, and we are humbled to be able to continue teaching safety in his honor.  We may even need to start our weekly Safety Town camps with his iconic “HELLOOOO NAPERVILLE”!  Our deepest condolences to his children and their families.



CPR Classes at Safety Town

The Naperville Fire Department’s CPR/AED and First Aid certification programs teach residents and healthcare providers how to effectively deliver First Aid and CPR and how to correctly use an AED in accordance with current American Heart Association guidelines. Class schedule available here.

Safety Town Commission

Permanent Members

Laurah Georgi – President
Heather Queen – Vice President
Christina Brady – Treasurer
Diane Whyte – Secretary
Laurah Georgi/Heather Queen – Facilities
Jennifer Byers – Fundraiser Events Chair

NJWC Representatives

Jennifer Byers
Alaire Merritt
Katherine Seguino

Program Director

Sydney Zuhn