COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends of Safety Town,

We are sad to announce that Safety Town Summer Program 2020 has been canceled.  This was a very difficult decision made by Naperville Safety Town Commission. Given the new CDC guidelines for COVID-19, we felt this was the correct course of action. Naperville Safety Town is concerned first and foremost about the safety and health of our children, instructors, volunteers, and community.

For parents of Safety Town age children, we encourage you to check the Safety Town Facebook page periodically for helpful tips for your children. We are evaluating the 2021 summer program to allow K-2 grade children to attend next summer to provide the Safety Town experience to any children who may have missed out this summer.

We look forward to Safety Town Summer Program 2021!

Naperville Safety Town Commission

2020 Open Bike Nights

As Illinois enters Phase IV, we are hoping to host Open Bike Nights this summer.

Stay Tuned for the schedule and safety protocols that will be followed.


CPR Classes at Safety Town

The Naperville Fire Department’s CPR/AED and First Aid certification programs teach residents and healthcare providers how to effectively deliver First Aid and CPR and how to correctly use an AED in accordance with current American Heart Association guidelines. Class schedule available here.

Safe Sitter Classes at Safety Town


Safety Town has partnered with the Naperville Police Department and the Naperville Fire Department to offer Safe Sitter classes. Safe Sitter is welcome to anyone ages 11-15 wishing to be certified to become a safe and responsible babysitter. Safe Sitter classes can teach you the skills to become a safe, reliable babysitter who can also run a successful business.

The cost is $60 for the 6 hour class.

Summer Class Schedule:

Due to COVID-19. the class schedule is still being determined. We are planning to still hold Safe Sitter classes following social distancing protocols set forward by the government, while still offering physical learning experiences that cannot be replaced with virtual learning.



Safe@Home Classes at Safety Town

Staying home by yourself can be both scary and exciting!

This 90 minute class provides students, grade 4-6, with important safety training that will help students be prepared to stay home alone. Topics include: how to practice safe habits, how to handle common household emergencies, how to address illness and injury, and first aid skills. The last 30 min of class we ask that parents join the class to discuss how to prepare and create a plan with your child to assume the responsibility for them to stay Safe@Home. The cost is $20 for this program.

Safety Town Commission

Permanent Members

Heather Queen- President
Christina Brady – Vice President
Diane Whyte – Secretary
Sheri White -Treasurer
Laurah Georgi
Katherine Seguino
Jennifer Byers

NJWC Representatives

Alaire Merritt
Suzanne Hart – Political Liaison

Program Director

Sydney Zuhn