Summer Program

Safety Town Summer Program

2017 summer registration will begin online for teen volunteers on May 5 at 6pm. Click here to register.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Captain, please visit this link to register. Team Captain applications are being accepted until April 30. If you are a returning Team Captain, please register here.

2017 Summer Program Dates
Summer 2017 Online Registration is open now. Click here to register.

June 5-9 from 8:30-10am, 10:30-12pm, or 12:30-2pm
June 12-16 from 8:30-10am, 10:30-12pm, or 12:30-2pm
June 19-23 from 8:30-10am, 10:30-12pm, or 12:30-2pm
June 26-30 from 8:30-10am, 10:30-12pm, or 12:30-2pm
July 10-14 from 8:30-10am or 10:30-12pm
July 17-21 from 8:30-10am or 10:30-12pm

Child FAQs

Teen Volunteer FAQs

If you have any questions about our summer program, please view the FAQs. Any further questions can be emailed to

Here are some fun pdf downloads you can print out to help reinforce some of the safety concepts the kids learned during their week at Safety Town!

Our Summer Program
The Safety Town Summer Program is a week long, 90-minute per day program for children entering kindergarten or 1st grade. Throughout the week, stories, games, songs, and videos reinforce the skills being taught. By using a “hands-on” approach, children absorb important information and have fun at the same time. The Naperville Police and Fire Departments, Naperville Electric, Animal Control, Paddle Bear Swim School, and other community groups help teach safety awareness and prevention.

The nationwide Safety Town program was brought to Naperville in 1978, and in June of 1996 the Naperville Safety Campus opened at 1320 Aurora Ave in Naperville. Our program started out small, but has become mighty and we serve over 1,500 students in our summer program each year. The program introduces pedestrian, bike, fire, railroad, bus, animal, water, and personal safety. During the week, the children have the opportunity to make real-time 911 calls, participate in a fire evacuation drill and practice pedestrian safety plus traffic hand signals as they ride special Safety Town vehicles on the streets of Safety Town.