Safety Town History

A bit of history…
In 1978, the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club (NJWC)  and George Pradel (Officer Friendly) introduced Naperville to a nationwide program called Safety Town. Thereafter, NJWC coordinated, supervised, and staffed this beneficial program at temporary locations. In 1993, the Naperville Safety Town Commission was formed to provide a permanent location for Safety Town programs. The Safety Town Commission, made up of members of NJWC and other community leaders, brought Naperville together to build Safety Town. Located at the corner of River and Aurora Roads, Safety Town includes a classroom building and a kid-sized town complete with buildings, streets, a fire safety house, railroad crossing and traffic signs and signals. The Safety Town facility was opened in June of 1996.

Safety Town is used throughout the year for various safety and health related programs tailored to different age groups. These programs include: Scouts Play It Safe, Scouts First Aid, Safe Sitter, CPR Certification, Trick or Treat at Safety Town, Fingerprinting, and Keeping Yourself Safe. The programs offered and dates vary from year to year. Go to the main Safety Town page for program details and dates.