Teen Volunteer FAQs

Teen Volunteer FAQs


Q. How do I register my teen to volunteer and what are the age requirements?
A. Registration for 2021 is still being determined. We ask that your teen is entering 8th grade in the fall, enjoys working with children, and takes direction well.

Q. How many volunteer hours can my teen earn per session of Safety Town?
A. Your teen will earn 12 volunteer hours for each session. The last day of your teen’s session, they will receive a certificate of completion with the amount of hours served.

Q. What is the maximum amount of sessions my teen can volunteer for?
A. We ask that your teen only register to volunteer for one session. If your teen is interested in volunteering for more sessions, please email info@napersafetytown.com and include the additional date(s) your teen is available to volunteer.

Q. What are the dates and times of the Naperville Safety Town Summer Program?
A. The dates and times for the 2021 summer program are still being determined.

Q. Is there any training required to become a teen volunteer?
A. If you have never volunteered for Naperville Safety Town, you are required to come to your first session 15 minutes early to receive a brief orientation.  You will also receive a link with your confirmation email with pertinent training information.

Q. I’m interested in more information about becoming a Team Captain, what are the requirements and how do I apply?
A. Team Captains are volunteers who are peer leaders to the teen leaders and help lead the children through the week-long camp. Team Captains receive 40 hours of volunteer hours and are expected to attend a three hour training session. We ask that Team Captains have volunteered for two summers and are entering Junior Year in the Fall of 2021. For additional information, please email info@napersafetytown.com.